All things mud!

Welcome to the Mud&Straw Project!

If you are interested in mud houses -whether ancient or modern- this is your place. This project has been set up to promote Egyptian mud houses and as a platform for mud lovers to share pictures, get in touch and keep up-to-date about all things mud... come on in!


New sections added!

Three new sections have been added to the website:
– Mud people’s corner: a place to get to know more people working with or just interested in mudbrick buildings!
– Other mud-related websites: coming soon, a list of relevant websites for mudbrick lovers. If you would like to have a website added or have any suggestions for this section, please do get in touch!
– Need an Egyptian mudbrick mason?: Archaeologists and heritage planners often work alongside Egyptian mudbrick masons. However, this trade is rapidly disappearing. If you can recommend an Egyptian mudbrick mason, please do get in touch (thanks to Yahia Shawkat for this suggestion!).

Hope you enjoy the new sections and keep the suggestions coming!


Discussion threads in the forum

Two threads have already been created in the forum, one for Upper Egypt and one for Lower Egypt. A thread for Nubia will soon be added too! Feel free to create other threads and share your thoughts!

Welcome to the Mud&Straw project!